About Us

I created Bored & Bougie as an outlet for my need to make a statement in life. I figured the best way for me to get my opinions out there would be to create this blog and sarcastically make fun of things I felt were in need of attention.

The name Bored & Bougie came from an idea I had. The idea that our society is just a bunch of bored, lazy individuals who think they are classy as fuck and better than others. The idea that, when boredom mixed with a sense of status, the outcome is a society that is self-centered and egotistical, where going viral is the answer to everything, and cool is defined by how many likes and views you get. Are you offended yet? Great, because I’m probably talking about you, but hey, I’m also talking about myself as well.

I came from an era where there were no cell phones, where our television was a tiny box with only three channels, two of which worked. I also came from an era where we had no internet, an era where news was really news, and not Kim Kardashian choosing what color bikini made headlines.

I feel our world has become so accustomed to the irrelevant bullshit in life that we no longer see things they way they should be. The social injustice that surrounds minorities, the rate of poverty around the world, the growing threat of climate change, the rise of capitalism and its power to consume our souls.

Then again, I know that these topics aren’t cool, it’s not what the world cares about… I also know that this blog will never gain any traction unless I post useless nonsensical gibberish about some famous person or some stupid viral video of a man lighting his pubic hair on fire. So, yes, as much as I will hate doing it, I will post that crap on here… If it entertains then hey, I’m going to do it.

In the end, This is Bored & Bougie, be entertained.