Deadly Earthquake rocks Italy

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On Monday night, an earthquake shook the Italian island of Ischia.

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At around 9 p.m., Tourists on the resort island of Ischia, located off the coast of Italy, were terrorized by the 4.0 magnitude earthquake. Which struck in the waters just off the island at a depth of 5 kilometers. Although U.S. Geological Survey, and European-Mediterranean Seismological Center each gave it a 4.3 magnitude, with a depth of 10 kilometers.

People were quickly evacuated from a hotel and part of a hospital and it is reported that approximately 26 people were treated for minor injuries.

The hardest-hit area was Casamiccialo, on the northern part of the island.

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So far it is confirmed one fatality due to falling debris from a crumbling church and three people have been found alive in the rubble.

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There have been atleast 14 aftershocks. This earthquake coming at a time when the island is already having troubles battling forest fires. Although luckily, civil protection crews had already been stationed on the island to fight the fire, and were able to quickly assist those in need.

In 1883, an earthquake killed more than 2,000 people in Casamicciola. Furthermore, this earthquake comes just days after the one- year anniversary of another earthquake that hit central Italy, devastating several towns and killing 250 people in Amatrice.

As a friendly reminder to those who live in the Westcoast of Canada and U.S., please be prepared for ‘The Big One’. This earthquake comes once every 300 years and, well, let’s just say we are long over due.

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Please make sure that your family has at least three to four days worth of survival necessities. Some of the most important items include food, water, batteries, and a flashlight.

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