And Mayweather wins.

After months of hype, the final showdown proved to be a fight that will definitely go down in history.

From my stand point, it was a worthy fight for the record books.

MMA has proven to be a worthy contender in the boxing ring. After lasting nearly 10 rounds, Mcgregor lost due to a stoppage.

Many can say that the referee stopped the fight a little too soon. Even Mcgregor stated that he wanted to “hit the floor”.

That’s something I can definitely give respect to.

Mcgregor commanded the first 3 rounds, dictating the flow of the fight and looking confident and strong.

But the game plan of Mayweather proved to be the victor, it was evident that Mayweather had planned to drag the fight out to go the distance.

After the eighth round, it was clear to see that Mcgregor was gassed. At the end of the ninth round, even Mcgregor leaving his corner looked laboured.

By now, ‘Money’ Mayweather had full control of the fight.

By the 10th round, ‘The Notorious’ Mcgregor was in trouble. From there Mayweather leads the charge and commanded himself into victory.

To all the Irish, you should all stand proud even if Conor Mcgregor lost. And I will always be a fan of ‘The Notorious’.

Thank you, Conor ‘The Notorious’ Mcgregor for an awesome fight and congratulations to Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. 50-0.

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