Sharks terrorize Houston, Church turns people away, then later accepts them. What is going on in Houston?

Joel Osteen’s, Lakewood Church is able to seat 17,000 people but is inaccessible due to flood waters. That is until you take a look at this tweet, creds to @cmclymer

Clearly, the picture shows a large building obviously NOT being affected by any rain. Unless the rain was literally acid dropping from the sky. Or lava from a molten volcano. It would be understandable then. But come on, this is ridiculous.

This is supposed to be a man of God. Needless to say, however, Pastor Joel Osteen still helps many communities by making yearly contributions. Joel Osteen’s charity Joel Osteen Ministries is considered a non-profit organization. However, Joel Osteen Ministries page on www.Give.org, describes little about the organization. It goes as far as not even providing a disclosure.


Well, what’s happened has happened and finally, after receiving a huge public outcry, Joel Osteen makes the statement that “Victoria and I care deeply about our fellow Houstonians. Lakewood’s doors are open and we are receiving anyone who needs shelter.”

I’m not trying to talk shit, but as many people feel that this Pastor is for profit, that may be so. Or he might just be smart. Maybe he does proper business and does well for himself. Who really knows? I guess there will always be two sides to every story. The one we want to believe and the truth.

But on a lighter note. This was posted by a Jason Michael @Jeggit.

A fine Troll.

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