TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #003

This weeks’ LOL-GIFs will make you wish you have a self-driving car just so you can moon someone.

20. The Colonel will finish you with his suave, finger lookin moves. Source

19. You know what they say, it is slippery when wet. Source

18. This is not how the eclipse works you guys. Source

17. Let this be a lesson: prank the drunk, not the newly awaken. Source

16. I am totally in awe for the writer who came up with this scene. Source

15. Huh, now that you’ve mentioned it. Source

14. You can always use a loyal sidekick. Source

13. It’s the Red-handed Monkey, only native to India. Source

12. Chuck Norris has all the biblical moves. Source

11. If he used a real zebra, now that would be awesome! Source

10. I think the cat knows what she’s getting into. Source

9. That is a good use of science right there. Source

8. Anyone else having a Final Destination 5 dejavou? Source

7. She knows the home goal is on the other side too, right? Source

6. That is a long, sticky dog tongue. The dogs’ genitalia is pretty lucky. Source

5. Rain dance for birds, or a demon-bird summoning ritual? Source

4. I enjoy this whenever it happens to those pesky lovers in the sidewalk. Source

3. Hate it when this happens to me, but looks really funny when it happens to other people. Source

2. A little girl is definitely hating Elsa right now. Source

1. Ouch, that nose is gonna hurt like 120 beats a minute. Source

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