Internet donates over $60,000 to hotdog vendor

A video demonstrating UC Berkley police ticketing an unlicensed road seller and seizing cash from his wallet became went viral on social media.

The road merchant, who has made a request to be recognized just as “Beto,” was offering hotdogs close to Memorial Stadium during a UC Berkely home opener.


Officer Aranas can be seen going into the man’s wallet and taking cash from it, meanwhile stating “The Judge can decide what happens to the money.”

Credits CBS SF Bay Area

“Beto” claims to hold general employment in construction. He was selling hotdogs to acquire some additional cash.

Presently, a GoFundMe to help the road merchant has gathered more than $67,153 as of Tuesday night. A petition to fire the cop who issued the reference has also gathered more than 34,000 signatures.

The official GoFundMe page is

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