TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #005

This week’s LOL-GIFs is like that Annual Convention for Psychics that got canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

20. Imagine those single women going to the gym to get in shape for moments like this. Source

19. Who says AI is taking over jobs? This raccoon is taking over as household pets. Source

18. This bird is better than you on flipping cups. Source

17. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up the wasted corn to find a tooth or four in the floor. Source

16. How the hell did the goat even learn when to jump so he can slide? Source

15. Whoever came up with this idea should win the Nobel prize. Source

14. Hint: there are hundreds and thousand of dogs lined-up for this. It is not a gif perfectly looped. Source

13. Yeah, no. No, thank you. I said, no thank you! Source

12. If the cat says quit it, you quit it! Source

11. Done this with a stranger and it didn’t turn out like what I thought it would. Source

10. I actually rolled my eyes on this. Source

9. This is how your grampa, wishes he was your granma. Source

8. It’s always fun cooking with the video recorder on. Source

7. This is why you get a LED TV. Or better yet, this is WHEN you get a LED TV. Source

6. The great lion, his tire, and his twinkle toes. Source

5. I will nominate this as the next Olympic Sport to replace Synchronize Marathon. Source

4. This makes sense, but not in anyway recommended. Source

3. Mother goose always say, keep your eyes in the prize. Source

2. This lol’ed me up so hard I wish I could have done this in the four finger grade. Source

1. It take a lot of practice and a solid, titanium balls to do this. Source

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