TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #011

Welcome to The Top 20 Weekly LOL-GIFS Issue #011! This weeks’ LOL-GIFs will make you realize how the invention of a shovel is a ground-breaking creation.

20. This boy is a real contribution to the society. Source

19. Sold. I’ll take 100 of them cute animals. Source

18. Stop or what? Source

17. Survival of the fittest. Source

16. Those hand gestures are so on point. Source

15. OK, no wonder my Tindr match looks like a gorilla. Source

14. That was… unexpected. Source

13. Rolling in the deep. Source

12. Ouch. That sucked. Source

11. He is just not quite ready to be the Ninja dog we deserve. Source

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10. You can tell he will make a successful career in the future. Source

9. Interesting, yeap. Does it float? Source

8. No words. Just enjoy this GIF. You’re welcome. Source

7. But is it gluten-free? Source

6. This man is a hero! He deserves the key to the city! Source

5. Happy Halloween. Source

4. Uh, there’s a glitch in the matrix. Source

3. That is one enthusiastic puppy. Source

2. I call this Monday Morning. Source

And this weeks’ Top 20 Weekly LOL-GIFS Issue #011 is:

1. Watch out for fragile looking puppies. They are not what they seem. Source

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