TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #012

Welcome to The TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #012! If you know someone who is addicted to brake fluid, take it to heart that they can stop anytime.

20. Aha! So this is how they spend their free time. Source

19. Poor kid. Wrong time. Wrong place. Good Shot though. Source

18. This little girl is The Boss. Source

17. Pregnant teen cats are getting younger and younger these days. Source

16. This is me slamming someone who is out of my league. Source

15. But when I do it, they were like, that is too much tongue. Source

14. When you get punked on cam, it’s not really that fun. Source

13. This guy has the flu. And he’s amazing in it. Source

12. Finally, something useful for watching all that Jet Lee movies with infomercials. Source

11. Are they all supposed to bend this way? Source

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10. Aside from the fake baby, is this filmed using a potato? Source

9. Ahh, you have something on your back? Source

8. Celebrated too early, that’s what. Source

7. Nature is definitely savage AF. Awesome! Source

6. He has trained for years for a moment like this. YEARS! Source

5. That time you want to fit in you would do anything to be one of the gang. Source

4. That is one polite deer. Oh dear! Source

3. Sold! How much for the cat? Source

2. Reminds me of Two Girls One Cup. Google it. YW. Source

And this week’s TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #012

1. We finally have a winner! You can go home now. Source

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