TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #013

Welcome to The Top 20 Weekly LOL-GIFS Issue #013! Who knew pressing F5 can be so refreshing?

20. Happy Birthday! Here’s your cake, I hope you die, Bitch! Source

19. I have short patience for you mate! Source

18. Kids are fun. Source

17. Nope. Not a bomb. Shut it down. Source

16. Please, let me lick you my fren. Source

15. Teach a girl how to fish and she can feed herself. My work here is done. Source

14. Good cat. Who is the good… m****fucker!!! Source

13. Its the boss of me now. Source

12. Look up, son. Look up. Yeap, you should have looked up. Source

driving lesson

11. Glad to know, thanks, but I am good? Source

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10. Your Honor, I present you the whole story, otherwise known as exhibit A. Source

9. Hello, beautiful food. Where you going? That is not the way to me stomach. Source


7. Which one again is James Harden, the basketball player? Source

6. Uhmm, this side up? Source

5. Nice try, kid. Put some back into it. Source

4. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. REVERSEKICKSSLAMDUNK. Source

3. It’s not an ape. It’s a SPY! Source

2. Let me guess, for the name of science? Source

And this weeks’ TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #013

1. Don’t want to be sitting next to this guy when his girlfriend breaks up with him. Source

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