Tuesday Tear

Women demand equality, but divorce still heavily favors them.

Where does equality begin for men in a divorce. It seems more and more that women demand equality in all aspects of life, but when it comes to divorce, especially ones involving children, women are still heavily favored.

Where does this bias begin and where can it end?

There is a belief that women tend to care more for their children then the father does. Where the hell did this belief come from? Scientists have argued that the infant-mother bond occurs even before birth in what is known as, antenatal bonding. It is described as a feeling of connection to the unborn baby. Women are also believed to have superior maternal instinct as it is part of a woman’s biology.

But how much of this is actually true? OR is it mainly the process of pregnancy, birth and the parenting experience that makes a mother care more for their children.

There has been scientific proof that fathers develop antenatal bonding just like mothers do. Oxytocin, also known as the bonding hormone, is released in both mothers and fathers while interacting with their babies. For women behaviors such as baby talk, staring into the baby’s eyes, and affectionate touch cause oxytocin to rise. Whereas for fathers, playful touch and behavior contribute to the rise in oxytocin levels.

Even though there is a link between the interaction and the level of bonding, there is no direct comparison between the mothers and fathers in this regard. It should be noted that time spent with the baby is an important factor and contrasts the ability between mothers and fathers to develop a stronger bond.

There is no proof that women are better at taking care of their children, both men and women are not entirely perfect when it comes to raising kids. Each side has faults, but even so, why do courts favor women so much in divorce?

I believe there is a strong injustice in our world today, where the courts favor the women and the men are left holding the bag. I’m not saying that all divorce is like this, but I am saying that in most cases, women are still HEAVILY favored.

After reading adebate on Debate.org regarding divorce settlement fairness. It can be clearly noted that many undeserving men have been unjustly punished. In most cases, the men almost always have to pay a substantial amount for child care, are left with almost nothing, lose custody of their children, and even after suffering all this, they still have to live.

This is the 21st century, where men can be women, women can be men, humans can have no gender, and robots can be granted citizenship. Yet inequality still remains for men who must go through the perils of divorce.

I applaud to all the husbands and fathers out there who have gotten fucked over by the system and still held your head high and tried their best to make something of your life. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you.

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