Net Neutrality what it means for you.

net neutrality

For the longest time the internet has been embroiled in a battle between the good, ‘the Neutral’, and the bad, ‘the Internet Service Providers (ISP)’.

So the story goes without Net Neutrality, these ISP’s are able to control almost every aspect of your digital experience. By that I mean, they literally have the ability to restrict the flow of data to your device and that sucks because no one likes to see the words ‘buffering…’.

There have been cases that ISP’s become involved in shady tactics in which certain providers would fuck with the flow of things to your device. It has even been documented in court that companies like Comcast violated net neutrality principles by slowing down uploads from peer-to-peer file sharing apps. Comcast did not stop this until the FCC ordered them to stop. Another company called The Madison River Communications company was fined $15,000 by the FCC, they were said to have restricted customers’ access to Vonage, which was their industry rival.

AT&T is also known for tampering with data, as they were caught limiting access to FaceTime for users who didn’t pay for their new shared data plan service. Verizon is also accused of throttling Netflix and Youtube users. Verizon defends its’ decision.

An evident chain of manipulation among these ISP’s have created mistrust towards these companies. But now there is something brewing and it doesn’t look good for the fight.

The new head of the FCC Ajit Pai believes it is a good opportunity to attack the current regulations on net neutrality. This peon of the Trump administration intends to replace an unregulated internet with a regulated service with but more “transparency” on the company side.

I can see how it can be beneficial to customers. Now ISP’s are required to report all their actions, but really… how honest can they be. I believe they aren’t always going to play fair, and some companies will never be fully transparent. Learning from experience, there is little honesty among these giant corporations.

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