TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #014

Welcome to The Top 20 Weekly LOL-GIFS Issue #014! If you like sticking your business in someone else’s noses, here’s an idea: be a coke dealer.

20. Yeap, look for an adult is what I’ll do when an orangutan stole my coffee too. Source

19. It’s not your cat. It’s your singing. Source

18. Surprisingly in Japan, men don’t like being hit on by a beautiful girl? Source

17. From genius murder to jackass in less than a second. Source

16. Kiss me with your mouth. Source

15. Imagine going to the hardware store looking for a battery operated toy for a pussy. Are you feeling me? Source

14. I’m not yawning. You’re yawning. Source

13. This is how the universe will tell you if you’re a bad kisser. Source

12. When you wake up thinking its Sunday and realized its actually Monday. Source

11. I almost peed there. Source

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10. This dog is frikking awesome IRL. Source

9. Das sound. Source

8. That is not how you cook pasta in the first place. Source

7. I need this zoomed in, and in slow motion. With at least 5 cameras focused on the goalees face. And a detailed diagram. Also a blood sample. Maybe a kidney. Source

6. I like it how she’s grossed so much she threw it up in the air. Source

5. And some guy just so happen to be around when this happens? I’d buy it. Source

4. Great idea. Great execution. Just great. Source

3. So awkward. Never leave a dog hanging, bruh. Source

2. Sneaky sneaky. But when you do it in the office, everybody is like, see Linda from HR pfft. Source

And this weeks’ TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #014 is:

1. Whenever someone compares you to a cat. This is what they meant. Source

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