TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #015

Welcome to The Top 20 Weekly LOL-GIFS Issue #015! Remember kids, copying from one person is plagiarism. If you copy from two or more, its considered research.

20. She’s crushing it. And yours later. Source

19. Looks legit. Source

18. I bet not the reaction Apple is expecting. Source

17. The look on your wife’s face when you want to wake up and play with the bebies. Source

16. Granny sure love her grapes. Source

15. Mesmerixing isn’t it. Source

14. Nope. Not yet Arnold. Source

13. That is one way to do it. Source

12. Dogs and their anti-gravity powers. Source

11. The cooking channel is a little bit odd these days. Source

10. Awww. Source

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9. Ooh, so close! Literally. Source

8. That is now how Thor does it. Source

7. Such a nice kid letting his dad on for the ride. Source

6. Wrong place at the right time. Sorry buddy. Source

5. When people lose limbs, they get muscular. The rest of us just get fat. Source

4. Your shame caught on cam. Source

3. This explains why those Jurassic dinosaurs looks so familiar. Source

2. This is how to greet your inlaws for Thanksgiving. Source

And this weeks TOP 20 Weekly LOL-GIFs Issue #015 is:

1. Grannies are the best! Source

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