New Year’s Resolutions… don’t work.

new years resolution

It’s safe to say that many of you have started the new year with a bang and I can guarantee you guys, that most of you will end up failing and going back to what you’re comfortable with.

So why the fuck can’t we just be dedicated to our goals?

Listen, there ain’t no way that you are going to wake up one day, and just because it is the start of a new year, you’re going to magically change your life around. At least not before you do some serious soul-searching and spend hours thinking about how fat, ugly, or whatever the fuck you are. You need to really want what you want, and you need to spend every ounce of energy achieving it.

Let’s be real here.

new year's resolution

Many of us face this struggle, the struggle of self-control and self-motivation. We are so used to the normalcy of life that we just don’t give a fuck about change, yet we complain about it all the time.

Yes, there are those who may have a mental illness that prevents them from taking massive action to change. But those are special cases, and many of you I would assume, are NORMAL PEOPLE.

Admit it! You’re fucking lazy, you would rather go and watch Netflix marathons than go for a run or workout. For example, some would rather eat that Costco sized bag of Cheetos, rather than eating a fucking carrot for a snack. And you wonder why you can’t lose weight. Sure, some people may have a health issue… We covered that. Move on.

Well, I am here to tell you there is a way to achieving these resolutions, these goals, these dreams and desires that you may have… Wanna hear it?

It’s called Shut the hell up and Do it.

It’s simple, it’s up to you. Noone else can help you. For example, even if you hired a personal trainer, or a dietician, or asked your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends to “force” you to go to the gym. None of it will work, unless deep down inside, you really fucking a want it.

For me, I want to be a millionaire. I want to weigh 160 lbs in healthy body weight. I want a matte white Range Rover Autobiography Sport with red leather interior. I want a three-storey house on the beach. But, I ain’t getting there by sitting around doing dumb ass shit like complaining. I need to go out and fight for my dreams, and that is what YOU should do to.

So this 2018, take it upon yourself to STFU and do it. Stop wasting time, stop blaming others, blaming yourself, blah blah blah. Whatever.

Follow these steps:
1.)Write down your goals.
2.)Write down a specific time to achieve them.
3.)Write out 3 ways you will achieve these goals.

Then go out and fucking do it. Don’t sit here reading this anymore, JUST DO IT!

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